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Developing a Healthy Lifestyle, Together

3 ways to practice self care for yourself, your partner and your relationship

There are so many demands on our time and attention that many couples find it difficult to make self care a priority. Getting enough exercise and rest, eating balanced meals and dealing with daily stressors only add to the long list of things to check off throughout the day.

Studies show that couples who work out together are happier and share a closer bond. Exercise increases the release of endorphins, or "feel good" hormones. If both partners are having the same natural high, there are bound to be long lasting, positive effects on the relationship.

Here are a few more tips to help incorporate self care into your relationship:

Tip #1 - Encourage each other to develop a good work-life balance.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for one's overall well-being and happiness. As a supportive partner, you can encourage your spouse to prioritize their personal life alongside their career. This can involve setting boundaries between work and home life, exploring flexible work options, and creating a schedule that allows for quality time together. Additionally, offering emotional support and understanding can go a long way in helping your spouse feel empowered to take care of themselves both professionally and personally.

Tip #2 - Explore hobbies that promote wellbeing.

Do something new, try a new sport or explore a new dance style, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Engaging in hobbies that promote wellbeing can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and gardening can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Creative hobbies like painting, writing, and playing music can also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem. It's important to find hobbies that you enjoy and that fit your personality and lifestyle, as this can increase your motivation to continue and reap the benefits.

Tip #3 - Invest in your relationship

Whether you are engaged, newly wed or married for years, it is always a good time to continue to develop as an individual within your relationship. A clear sense of self is essential in working through any challenges in communication that will ultimately arise in any relationship. Premarital counseling and couples counseling is a great investment in yourself and your relationship. 1 in 3 couples have attended some form of couples counseling early in the relationship

Regardless of the activity you and your partner choose, time together is time well spent. Make a plan today for how you will care for yourself and the one you love.

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