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"Change is inevitable, growth is optional."
John C. Maxwell

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Couples Therapy

"I am my beloved's and he is mine" 
Song of Solomon 6:3

Using the Prepare/Enrich research based program, I work with couples-both married and dating- that are stuck in poor communication styles or unspoken hurts that manifest in difficult, unfulfilling relationships. Examining and understanding family history can help us bring an end to certain negative family cycles.

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work curriculum provides insight and tools for overcoming the most common problems in relationships. 

Come, let us reason together!

Online Conference

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Support for becoming the best version of YOU!!

Perhaps you are not struggling with mental health, but still know you are not where you want to be with your goals, health, career or relationships. Holistic wellness coaching can help you clarify your needs and get you on the path to fulfillment and the life you desire. Contact me today or visit my coaching website:


Individual Therapy

Change your perspective, change your life!

Therapy sessions are structured in a flexible way where the client's needs are honored. I work with clients from a person-centered approach, using Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a framework for change. I seek to establish an environment of trust and respect. Together we identify and set goals for the client to work on between sessions.

It is your journey and I am honored to join you on your path to joy and contentment. 

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