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Principle #4: Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics

The fourth principle is simple in concept, often difficult in practice. Depending on where you live, you may not have businesses that are representative of your culture and community. As with many other areas in our lives, to be successful at Ujamaa you must be intentional. And seeking out businesses that you feel align with your personal convictions is not a practice in racism or sexism. To be PRO something doesn't mean you have to ANTI anything else. This is not a zero sum game!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the great small businesses that have blessed me on my journey towards residency in another country. These are either people I have done direct business with or have met along the way and know they offer a service that others can benefit from.

First is Black Expats In Panama, Mrs. Charlotte Van Horn. My second trip to Panama was on an escorted tour in Jan 2022, Sisterlock in Panama. I highly recommend her tours for men and women who want to explore Panama without the stress of logistics, accomodations and so forth. Charlotte's tours also take visitors to see the Afro Panamanian culture that other tours typically neglect. It was on this tour that I fell in love with Panama, the city and the people. She has really been instrumental in building a community of expats in Panama and I highly recommend you check out BEIP:

Next is a sister who exited the US to live her expat dreams in Mexico, Michelle Wedderburn. I began my expat exploration when I saw her episode of House Hunters International. Her story inspired me to dream of life abroad. Michelle has taken her vision and made it a reality. She is the proprietor of CASA ELM, a private guest house in San Miguel de Allende. After many obstacles, I finally made it to SMA this past summer with my husband. Casa Elm is a beautiful space and we had a magical week of exploring the city balanced with plenty of relaxation. Michelle host groups throughout the year and provides a number of services for solo travelers looking to visit SMA or make it their home.

Please check out and support my sister:

I have met so many wonderful people in my travels and everyday life that are out in the world living (UJIMA) serving their communities and I want to support them (UJAMAA) as well. Here are just a few:

Chris and Julette Kelly, Monetize Present Knowledge

Stacey Jaundoo, therapist and life coach

Sherlynn Selassie, Attorney at Law

Anthony Carter, Tax Specialist

If we, as a community, can do more of this type of referring and sharing our businesses will thrive and grow. This fourth principle is directly supported by the first, unity. Building community is how our ancestors survived difficult times, and working together is how we will continue to lift each other up.

If you know of a business in your community that others could patronize, please share with your network.

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