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Principle #5: Nia, Purpose

Day #5: Nia, Purpose

Many people spend their entire lives searching for meaning and purpose. The capitalistic systems of the US teach us in overt and covert ways that the goal in life is to die with the most stuff. After just celebrating the main holiday of the season, Christmas, we see the focus is on buying and exchanging gifts.

But once you have filled your house with all the fine furnishings and trickets the space will allow, often you find that you still feel empty. That searching for more is your unfulfilled purpose. We were each created as unique individuals born to purpose. NO ONE else on the planet can do the unique thing you were created to do. It may be a big thing- curing some devasting illness or solving the world's problems with peace.....or your purpose may be to love and nurture the person who was called to do great things. The point is, if you do not play your role and fulfill your purpose, then someone else's life will be impacted. Your purpose does not exist in a vacuum. We need each other.

I hope that you will spend the upcoming year walking in your purpose, even it if is not completely clear what that purpose is. Everyday we are presented with opportunities to give and receive love and attention. The patience and kindness you show to your children may make them kinder and gentler young people in a hostile world. Change happens one person at a time.

I believe my purpose is to sow seeds of change in people's lives. I also believe the God leads the right people to my practice. Everyone ain't for everybody, but I believe I am walking in my purpose and I pray the work I do is positively impacting families, schools and the community.

Find your purpose and walk in it.

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Dec 31, 2023

This was an excellent and necessary read for me. Thank you for saying it out loud. Yes! I will join you. I too, will walk in my purpose. My purpose is to Educate in all the ways I can.

Aprell Taylor
Aprell Taylor
Jan 03
Replying to

That is true. You were born to teach!

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