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Principle #6: Kuumba, Creativity

Principle #6: Kuumba, Creativity

I am on the road traveling back with my family from a week at our favorite place in the US, St. Simon's Island. I was going to skip the blog for today, but I decided to stick to my committment and not let travel derail my larger plans. Writing on my laptop while my husband drives, accessing the internet through my hotspot- for me this is creativity.

I could have let myself off the hook for today, I could take a nap or read a magazine. I was actually scrolling on instagram when I reminded myself that big changes that we desire start from the small actions in each moment. So I pulled out my laptop, got connected and opened my blog. The graphic for today's post was a quick adaptation of an earlier post. I tried to take the easy way out and just save an image from the interwebs.... but the quality was lacking and I didn't want to "just post anything" so I could be done quickly and say I did it. I want to always produce quality, for myself and others. I opened Canva and voila- a simple graphic that is eye catching and conveys the message. Creativity!

As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, I often quote the motto "Find a way or make one". That is the creativity of our ancestors. When people say creative, we often think of paintings, scupture or music. But creativity is making something out of nothing, a way out of no way. If we believe the bible where is says that God created us in His ( or her) likeness, and God created everything that is, then we can also see ourselves as creatives...because it is in our nature and the essence of who we are.

Kuumba calls us to use our creative genius to problem solve and improve our communities. Finding ways to creatively serve is our task. What are your gifts and talents? Think outside the box and see the creativity in you. Preparing a meal is creative, decorating your home is creative, developing new ideas when you see an unmet need is creative.

Bring your gifts and talents because no one else can do what you have been called to do, we need you!

God willing, we will finish the series tomorrow. Until then, be safe and celebrate the new year responsibly.

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